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As alternative healthcare and laser therapy clinics, the mission of Holistic Laser Centers is to provide our clients with non-traditional healing practices that complement conventional medicine and offer unsurpassed benefits. Through our diverse range of cutting edge therapies and body treatments, we provide our clients with solutions for preventative care, pain management, stress relief, and overall personal wellness. Every treatment is delivered with a nurturing touch and customized to each client’s preferences. We have combined the latest state-of-the-art equipment with tried and true procedures, in order to provide a variety of life enhancing services. We welcome you to come in and experience the future of alternative healing. No Needles . No Drugs . No Pain! 

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All of the treatment and therapy options provided at Holistic Laser Centers are painless and non-invasive.


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Pruvit Ketones

Prüvit is the worldwide leader in ketone technology. Their groundbreaking technology can enable users to think faster, have better focus and energy, laugh at food cravings, shed fat & look good doing it. Their philosophy is simple.    

Make . People . Better

What are Ketones and Ketosis?

Ketones, B-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), acetoacetate (ACA) and acetone, are the by-products of fat breakdown. Ketones can be used by the tissues, including the brain, in the body in much the same way as glucose, and are thought to be a superior fuel source to glucose. Being in a state of ketosis refers to having elevated blood levels of ketones.

What is KETO-OS?

Keto-OS is your “ketone operating system” it is the First Therapeutic Ketone Supplement on the market. The proprietary blend is owned by Prüvit and is Dr.Approved, Lab Tested, University backed and the technology in Keto-OS is patent pending, developed by one of the most world renown Dr.’s and experts on Ketosis. Prüvit was the first company approved by University of South Florida to acquire the sublicense rights to use this patent pending technology. It is a powder that you mix with 8=10 oz. of water. Within 15-30 minutes it puts your body into Ketosis. Prüvit owns the worldwide rights to Keto-OS. Keto-OS has a certificate of analysis for purity, consistency and efficacy.


Supplementing with exogenous ketones allows you to experience ketosis -the benefits of elevated blood ketone levels, without having to follow such a restrictive ketogenic diet, or super low carb diet, which is often difficult for some people to adhere to.


The benefits of ketones, and ketone supplementation are vast, and as research continues to expand, the list keeps growing. Currently, research supports the use of ketones for the following benefits:

  • Weight loss
  • Blood sugar balance and enhanced insulin sensitivity
  • Increase satiety, and decreased food cravings
  • Improved energy levels, oxygen capacity, motor performance & athletic performance
  • Mostly due to the impact of ketones on enhanced blood flow, through vasodilation
  • Migraine treatment
  • Neuro-protective benefits in seizure disorders; ADHD; Alzheimer ’s disease, memory and cognitive function; Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis
  • Autism and improved behaviour and social impacts
  • Mood stabilization in bipolar disorder (type II)
  • Stroke prevention; cardiovascular disease; metabolic syndrome management; improved cholesterol levels
  • Inflammation management
  • Endurance enhancement
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Kangen Alkaline Water

Since 1974, Enagic has been a pioneer and innovator in alkaline water ionization technologies. By integrating scientific research with superior Japanese craftsmanship Enagic’s Kangen Water® systems enhance nature’s most vital life source, water, around the world.

What are the benefits of consuming Kangen Water®?

The benefits of consuming Kangen Water® are the minerals it contains and the optimal hydration it offers.

What is the proper amount/method of drinking Kangen Water®?

There are no set rules regarding how to drink Kangen Water® or how much to consume.

What is Mengen Effect of consuming Kangen Water®?

Depending on how it is consumed, and on the individual’s physical state, it is possible (although uncommon) to experience constipation or diarrhea a few days to a few weeks after first starting to drink it. In herbal terms this is known as the Mengen effect1. The two conditions are particularly similar in that both cases, the remedy is so effective that it has a negative effect. If this occurs, the amount of intake should be reduced to half or a fourth of the previous amount until symptoms clear. Once symptoms have subsided, it is okay to resume intake. However, increasing the amount of intake will not alleviate the symptoms. Since halting intake completely may also affect the body, it is best to continue intake, but in lesser amounts. If there are no signs of improvement, please consult a doctor or pharmacist.

Can Kangen Water® be used to take medication?

Kangen Water® is intended for everyday drinking and cooking rather than for drinking with medication. The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare gives the following directions: Do not take medication with machine-produced water. Do not drink machine-produced water if you have anaciditas1Seek help from a doctor or pharmacist if you feel an abnormality in the body, or continued intake does not appear to improve symptoms. This is because the effectiveness of medication using Kangen Water® has not yet been tested. The pH level of stomach acids is about 1.8pH, and medication is prescribed in accordance to this pH level in order for it to take effect past the stomach. Therefore, to ensure full effect of the medication, we recommend leaving some time between taking the medication and drinking Kangen Water®.

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